The professional American volleyball league we've all been waiting for.

The VLA was founded in late 2019 to provide high level, inclusive, and sustainable opportunities for teams and athletes to play volleyball at home here in the US!  

As of the league's third full season in 2024, we feature eight elite men's teams playing in our Tier 1 division, 44 men's teams in our ever-growing Tier 2 division, and 16 teams in our VLA Women's division entering its second season!

The Founding Five

The league was founded by five highly competitive men's teams across the country that have worked to grow American volleyball for over a decade: Phoenix Ascension, Indiana Team Pineapple, Chicago Icemen, New York Legion VC, and SoCal Rising Tide

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Management Team

United By Volleyball, Driven By Purpose

Chris Hosley

Director of League Development

Chris serves in an advisory role on the VLA board on organizational, operational and structural decisions.
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He brings over 20 years of competitive volleyball and networking experience at the high school, collegiate, club and professional levels and is currently the club director at TeamLVC - the premier youth & adult volleyball club servicing the capital region of New York State.

Coley Pawlikowski

Director of Business & Event Operations

Coley oversees all planning, scheduling and coordinating of VLA events. She also oversees and manages the VLA’s relationships with external stakeholders, partners and vendors.
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Coley brings 17 years of experience in the administration and operations of volleyball teams and leagues, including recent positions as the Vice President of Operations for the National Volleyball Association, and as the Head of Delegation representing USA Volleyball at the 2019 U23 World Championships. She offers an additional two decades of experience ranging from the Club & High School level as a boys and girls Coach and Club Director, to 12 years of experience in various roles with NCAA Collegiate programs...

Tim Falknor

Director of Player Relations

Tim advises the VLA on issues relating to player recruitment, team development and the management of VLA internal resources.
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Tim brings over 10 years of competitive volleyball playing, coaching and administrative experience at the high school, club, and professional levels. He has been coaching club volleyball for Division 1 Volleyball club for 8 years and currently serves as the girls’ varsity volleyball coach at Latin School of Chicago. Tim competed as part of Iowa Icemen in the PVL, the Chicago Icemen in the NVA, and continues to play for the Chicago Icemen in the VLA, all while remaining active in the outdoor volleyball community..

Daniel Davidson

Director of Marketing

Daniel oversees the overall marketing strategy for the VLA, including market research, messaging strategy, and the planning and coordination of marketing communications.
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He has held former administrative roles with the FIVB and PVL, as well as coaching positions in mens/women's DI-DIII NCAA and oversees professional clubs.

Vince Zanzucchi

Director Of Operations

Vince Zanzucchi is a founding member of the Volleyball League Of America and the founder of the Phoenix Ascension Men’s and Women’s VLA
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Zanzucchi was an Outside Hitter for FC Schuettorf 09 from 2008-2011 and has played consistently on the Arizona Pro Level teams since the PVL formed in 2014. He is currently the Men’s Volleyball Head Coach at Park University Gilbert. His goal is to bring the talent of the players and teams involved with the VLA brand to the national spotlight.

Will Foley

Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development, Will oversees the growth of the league. Will is excited to combine his passion for growing the sport of volleyball with his entrepreneurial experience. What excites him most about the VLA is the amazing people he has met through this adventure.
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Will has his childhood neighbor (and highschool volleyball coach) to thank for introducing him to the sport of volleyball. On a hot summer day he wanted to swim in his neighbors pool, however, as a condition of being able to swim he had to show up to volleyball practice the next day. Since that day over the last 20 years, he has played volleyball all over the world at collegiate and professional levels. Most recently, will has taken up coaching and is an Assistant Coach at Stevens Institute of Technology. Will is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology and has an MBA from The College of St. Rose. He currently lives in Hoboken, NJ with his wife and daughter. When he is not playing, coaching or watching volleyball, you can find him hiking, traveling and exploring NYC's food scene.

Lloy Ball

Director of External Relations

Lloy initiates and fosters strategic relationships with potential partners, vendors and collaborators to help promote and grow the league.
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Lloy offers over 30 years of international volleyball experience and connections to the VLA, and his ongoing relationships with USAV, AVCA, AAU and JVA have helped put together an impressive list of partners for the VLA in its inaugural year. He has been instrumental in the recent growth of boys volleyball in the US and he currently sits on the Board of the First Point Volleyball Organization that has in two short years raised over 3.5 million dollars for..